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Wireless radio controller for FPV drones and simulators.

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Fpvctrl feel & fit
Fpvctrl feel & fit

Robust and solid feel

Gamepad style ergonomics

Built in rechargeable battery

Perfect fit for small or big hands

Become a better pilot.

Whether you plan to pilot your first drone or simply enjoy freestyling, the experience can be similar to learning to drive a car. Many elements need to tune in together to get a head start. Getting to know the correct technique can be stressful, time-consuming and financially draining.

What if the winding road to piloting drones was supported by Orqa FPV.Skydive racing and freestyle simulator optimized for an immersive flying experience? Orqa FPV.Ctrl guides your pilot journey providing a safe space to sharpen your skills, enhance safety and build confidence without the threat of crashes.

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FPV SkyDive

Freestyle simulator for improved drone racing.

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Practice racing skills or enjoy freestyling with selected maps.

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Platform agnostic. Run FPV.SkyDive on PC, Mac or Linux computer.

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Drone physics optimised for the most realistic flying experience.

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Seamless integration with FPV.Ctrl.

Skydive drone

ImmersionRC Ghost UberLite.

Achieving progress with Orqa FPV.Ctrl is seamless: once you build confidence to take your skills to the real world, all you need is a radio module that connects to your drone, and you’re ready to fly.

Orqa has joined forces with Immersion RC to design and build the lightest radio controller module ever: IRC Ghost UberLite.

Dedicated FPV.Ctrl mobile app to manage your settings.

Manage settings, update firmware, assign channels or calibrate your sticks using FPV.Ctrl mobile application. Intuitive interface and user experience.

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