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About Us

  • Orqa d.o.o. was founded in 2018.

    Orqa was founded by Srdjan, Vlatko and Ivan in late 2018 with the mission to innovate products across the FPV drones industry.

  • Orqa at CES 2019

    In January 2019, Orqa presented the prototype of flagship goggles for FPV racing and freestyle at the world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition at CES in Las Vegas.

  • FPV.One Kickstarter campaign

    After two years of prototyping and development, Orqa started its Kickstarter campaign for FPV.One on June 15th and successfully sold more than 600 goggles.

  • FPV.Connect release

    In May 2020, Orqa released its first connectivity add-on enabling access to DVR as well as livestream of flight in real time.


Orqa is a company whose mission is to become the World’s number one technology provider for First Person View (FPV) and advanced Remote Reality (RR) applications by developing enabling technology for next-generation vision systems.

It was founded in 2018 by Srdjan Kovacevic, Ivan Jelusic, and Vlatko Matijevic, and is located in Osijek, where its development and production is also based.

The prototype of its FPV.One video goggles for racing drone pilots was first presented at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2019, and on June 15th it launched its Kickstarter campaign through which it managed to reach its goal in just two minutes after the launch, and was 200% over its campaign goal in five minutes after the launch. In January 2020, it started delivering the first batches of the FPV.One goggles to resellers.


The Orqa team is a group of FPV enthusiasts and engineers on a mission to design and build the World’s best FPV gear.

It consists of more than thirty employees - engineers (mobile and embedded software, electronics, RF, mechanical, optical), physicists, assembly technicians, and sales & marketing specialists; this multidisciplinary team makes for a dynamic and creative working environment.

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Orqa’s technology pipeline is focused on innovating and developing all parts of the FPV technology stack including antennas, radio controllers, headsets and most importantly, low latency video signal transport systems.

In order to achieve that, they employ a plethora of different technologies - electronic, mechanical, and optical engineering, embedded and backend systems development, prototyping, as well as manufacturing.

Community driven

Here at Orqa, we value the community feedback immensely. Ever since January 2019, the FPV community gave us instrumental advice and feedback on what our finished product should be like, so we decided to take more time to adjust and perfect it.

Reacting and adjusting to customer needs and developing a two-way relationship with product consumers is one of the highest values that Orqa as a company wants to achieve, be it through our community forum, social network pages, or our customer support which is considered to be one of the best in the business.

Made in EU

Orqa is one of the few companies in the FPV market that does almost all of its engineering in house: mechanical engineering, electronics design, RF design, firmware development, optics design, prototyping, etc. All of our products are labelled as “Made in Europe” since everything, except micro-displays, is made in Osijek.

The prototyping lab in headquarters provides high-end equipment such as FDM 3D printer Stratsys F170, big SLS 3D Printer Formiga P110 Velocis, advanced laser cutters and CNC machining, as well as other relevant equipment needed for developing hardware devices. In addition, Orqa owns high end RF design and testing tools.


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