ORQA - Built to be the best.



Orqa is a company whose mission is to become the World’s number one technology provider for First Person View (FPV) as well as the advanced Remote Reality (RR) applications, and innovation lies at its very core.

The company’s innovation-oriented mindset comes from the uninhibitedness of its young, creative team, with the average age of only 26. For the majority of such young people, working at Orqa serves as their very first working experience, giving them a chance to work and learn in a dynamic environment, but also giving us a chance to enrich our team with a brand-new way of thinking.

Gradually, we build our company based on our roles, ranging from engineers, physicists, and assembly technicians to sales and marketing specialists, but also on our tendency to build a unique, well-rounded product with the combined effort of young professionals with various skills and perspectives utilized towards a common goal.

Ultimately, even though we aim high, we always keep a humble mindset by valuing the community feedback and wishes, which, in return, helps us to grow and improve.


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